Joe Goodreau

J. Goodreau Coaching provides personal and management development training to professionals and management teams of all sizes. We also work with individuals who are looking to achieve specific goals, as well as athletes and sports teams looking to achieve peak performance on and off the field. Professional speaking services are also available for independent events, conferences and annual business summits or sports team banquets.

Website Redesign for a Vermont
Fitness Company

You very rarely meet someone who can change your perspective as easily as Joe Goodreau. Joe Goodreau is a mindset coach who used to be my business mentor in 2018. Just like designing any website in a new unfamiliar field, I had to start the design process by doing a lot of research before beginning Joe’s site. Looking at 30+ examples of other popular mindset coaches allowed me to better understand the industry and identify trends. Once I had a strong foundation of what the current trends were, I was able to use my insights to design a simple yet effective site for Joe. Joe plans on growing his mindset coaching business in the upcoming years and I’m excited for his site to grow with him.


Joe Goodreau


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